Team communication for the email generation



Yakker lets you choose how you communicate and view the content that is important to you.

Yak shaks

Say goodbye to CC’ed email threads! Organize your communication into structured group conversations called Yak Shaks.

1 - 1 messaging

Need to get a hold of someone quickly? Send them a direct message – it’s a lot like sending a text.

News feed

Bulk emails can be annoying. The news feed is a platform for you to share updates with everyone in your company or network.



What makes yakker different is how simliar it is to how you already do work.

Open network

You can connect with professionals from any team or company in yakker. This means you’ll have one place to chat with co-workers, clients, contractors, partners, or anyone without toggling user profiles.

Threaded replies

Structure conversations to keep them on track and readable. Yakker’s unique messaging style lets you reply directly to individual posts within conversations.

Files sorted for you

We simplify file organization by automatically sorting them for you by conversation. Drop files right into yakker and they’ll be instantly accessible across all your devices, ready to be shared with your connections and teams


What else?

There are many ways that yakker makes working easier for you and your team.

WORK history archived

Everything in yakker – messages, files, links, conversations, and people – is archived and searchable across all your devices so you never lose important data. We give you a search box for each category so you don’t have to remember and type out operators just to get your data.


Every Yak Shak has a unique pin code. It’s an easy way to get connected and access any files and messages that have been posted in the conversation. Hiring a new team member? Connect them to your team’s general discussion to build rapport! Bringing a consultant onto a project? Connect them to your project Shak to quickly catch them up on key milestones!


Available for PC or Mac at or on mobile for iOS and Android, yakker lets you get work done from anywhere with an internet connection.